pH, Acids, and Bases

This workshop provides the opportunity to learn about the pH scale and the difference between acids and bases. Explore the pH scale and the different pH levels of a variety of foods, as well as the ways the pH of a food can change. Connect the pH level of foods using clues based on taste and texture. Hands on testing and exploration through using litmus testing paper as well as through mixing together a variety of substances, will also provide the opportunity to observe the action of a changing pH level on protein molecules.

Learners Will:

  • use litmus paper to test pH
  • explore the pH scale of foods and the pH scale in general
  • explore how pH affects proteins through denaturing
  • engage in the scientific process by: making predictions; make, recording, and reporting their observations; by reaching conclusions  
  • explore how the application of an acid to milk is used to make cheese
  • collaborate to make a whole-foods meal with others
  • engage with the scientific process
  • make and share observations, predictions, conclusions