Edible Transformations

Come explore states of matter and the transformation of changing states of matter. Observe and identify changes in the state of matter through the use of heat, pressure, or adding energy.

This workshop is the 4th in a 4 part series based on Science that you can eat offered in the Fall of 2017. Participants are welcome to join in the entire series or individual workshops.

The Big Idea:

The changes that come with mixing substances, or applying heat, cold, or pressure can lead to some exciting transformations especially in the edible world. Through experimentation and exploration learners will leave confident in identifying a chemical or physical change, and in causing them.  Of course we will do all this while making some yummy food together.

Learners Will:

  • understand that there are different states of matter
  • identify states of matter
  • change culinary substances from one state of matter to another
  • engage with the scientific process
  • make and share observations, predictions, conclusions
  • identify and cause chemical and physical transformations through culinary actions