ages 4 – 17 but participants must be able to engage without hands-on parent/caregiver support

MARCH 6th, 10am – 1pm: In this session consensus decision making and creative juices are going to be the main structure that is supporting our work of designing a modern day pop-up cafe, with the theme of farm to fork. We will be learning about what farm to fork means, and a few of the local farm producers whose products we can include. This project will include many pieces, and each participant will engage in the ones they are most interested in and are the most developmentally appropriate. The tasks will include: designing the menu; researching recipes, creating props and designing the aesthetic of the cafe; and preparing a few of the menu items or parts of menu items that can be prepared ahead of time.

A simple Lunch will be made and shared by participants.

MARCH 13th, 10am – 1pm: In this session we will continue our preparations of the cafe, that will include both in kitchen and out of kitchen tasks.

A simple Lunch will be made and shared by participants.

MARCH 20th 10am – 2pm: Invited guests of the participants are welcomed to come and enjoy lunch in the cafe, 12pm – 1pm! Participants will spend the session preparing for the cafe, running the cafe, and finally cleaning up the cafe. Each participant is welcome to invite 2 guests. Additional guests will be asked to pay a small fee.



The cost includes the meal created and eaten at every workshop.


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Payment is accepted as etransfer, cheque, or cash when you register over email.

***This program includes 3 session, and to register your participant must register for all 3 sessions.

***This session will have vegetarian and vegan options available.  As always, it is gluten free.  Please let us know if there are additional food allergies and restrictions that your learner is working with.

We understand that not everyone is able to always pay the full amount, and we still want your youth or little person to participate. Please contact us if you are unable to pay the full amount.