April 10th 10am – 1pm: Global Awareness, Why Fair Trade?

ages 9-14

In this session we will focus on building awareness of what fair trade is and why it is important.  We will do this through a variety of simulation games and fun activities, conversations, and of course using fair trade products in the meal we make and share together.

***This session is vegan and gluten free.

April 17th 10am – 1pm: Let’s Make Yummy Chocolate Things!

ages 9-14

Using our fair trade chocolate, we will be making chocolate treats to take home. Our learning focus will include an exploration of the 3 different ratios to create emulsions of different consistencies:  chocolate glaze; chocolate ganache, and chocolate icing (though we will only be making one final product).

***This session is vegan and gluten free.


This is a 2 part workshop series for a total of $70

The cost includes the meal created and eaten at every workshop.

Payment is accepted as etransfer, cheque, or cash when you register.


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Payment is accepted in etransfer, cash, or cheque when you register over email.

We understand that not everyone is able to always pay the full amount, and we still want your youth or little person to participate. Please contact us if you are unable to pay the full amount.