Kids In The Kitchen Series

FREE! 8 Week Kids in the Kitchen Series located at Kitchener’s Downtown Community Centre, and funded by Healthy Kids Community Challenge.

For kids ages 5-9.

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More information is available by calling 519-741-2501 or emailing

  1. May 7

Fruit Sauces

Sweet treat toppings don’t have to be loaded with sugar, we can make lots of toppings with seasonal and frozen fruits. Let’s taste test and compare some favourites on top of pancakes or crepes.

Menu: Apple-Pear and Mixed-Berry Sauces on Crepes or Pancakes

  1. May 14

Taco Time!

Taco varieties are as numbered as the humans who dream them up. We’re going to learn a little taco history, and make our very own chicken tacos worthy of the most famous taco stands.

Menu: chicken tacos


  1. May 28

What are Beans Doing In There?!

Including an introduction to how to make beans from scratch, we will move quickly into making surprisingly tasty black bean brownies and bean dip.

Menu: Bean dip and Black Bean Brownies


  1. June 4

“Not Junk Food” Party Tricks

In this “treat” night, we’re going to skip the unwanted fats and chemicals and go straight to taste paradise! Instead of french fries our root vegetable roast shows how to enjoy crispy root veggies done in the oven. Chicken fingers done in the oven also bring all the taste to treat night, without all the unwanted bad stuff.  

Menu: Root vegetable roast with chicken fingers


  1. June 11

Alternative Frostings and Sweetners: What are sweet potatoes and applesauce doing in here!

One good reason to make your own snacks is that you really can control the amount of sugar you eat, and still get to enjoy tasty treats.  This lesson shows us that ingredients like applesauce and sweet potatoes can really deliver a sweet and moist punch to our baked goods.

Menu: Cupcakes sweetened with applesauce and frosted with a healthy chocolate frosting.


  1. June 18

Rainbow Roll Ups

Roll up your sleeves young chefs! We’re going to roll up a rainbow of colours and taste test the best variety of dips.

Menu: Sushi or Rice Paper Rolls


  1. June 25

All About Red, Orange, and Yellow: Garden Salsas

There are so many possibilities for making colour-filled salsas that can include tomatoes, tomatillos, and fruits. Live it up with these zippy salsas and expand your ideas for and uses of salsas! Wash it all down with a tasty drink made from natural flowers.

Menu: 3 Salsa No-Bake Nacho Night and Hibiscus Juice