JANUARY 30th & FEBRUARY 6th, 10am – 12pm ages 2 – 6

This series is created with both parents/caregivers and their little ones in mind. Children and toddlers are never to young to engage with culinary activities that are developmentally appropriate, but often we either just don’t know how to support their engagement or how to create culinary experiences that encourage development of language, numeracy, or even skills related to flexibility in thinking – but are also fun and playful.  Parent/caregiver participation in this series will build your skills and knowledge as well! Please click the links for a full description of each workshop.

January 30th, 10am – 12pm: Engaging the 5 Senses

February 6th, 10am – 12pm: Focus on Numbers

***This is designed as a parent/caregiver & child session. The parent/caregiver participation will be helpful in building your own skills at engaging your little one in culinary activities beyond this workshop. These workshops are designed to support parents and caregivers in recognizing multiple and various learning possibilities in the culinary realm, and to have greater confidence in providing these fun, hands-on, exploratory, and self-directed learning experiences.

***These sessions are vegetarian with vegan options available.  As always, it is gluten free.  Please let us know if there are additional food allergies and restrictions that your little one is working with.


Each session is $35, or you can purchase both sessions for $60

The cost includes the meal created and eaten at every workshop.


Eventbrite link HERE

or Please email us at to save a spot for you and your little one.

Payment is accepted as etransfer, cheque, or cash when you register over email.

We understand that not everyone is able to always pay the full amount, and we still want your youth or little person to participate. Please contact us if you are unable to pay the full amount.