June 2017 Workshop Series

This workshop series is being hosted in a private home in the Chicopee area of Kitchener.  Please let me know if your learner is interested in participating and I will forward you the exact location details.

Tuesday June 13th, 1pm-4:30pm


Candy Making: An Opportunity To Explore The Scientific Method


Tuesday June 20th, 1pm-4:30pm

apple world

Where is Your Food From?: Building Familiarity With World Geography

Tuesday June 27th, 1pm – 4:30pm

To be developed from the interests of the attending learners.

If your learner is interested in participating please let me know by email,  Info@WeAreMeantToEatTogether.com.  Once you have registered, I will send along any additional documents or information that you will need.

These workshops are designed to be approximately 3 1/2 hours, with the capacity to include up to 10 learners of mixed ages, and to fully accommodate the unique gifts and challenges that each participant brings. I am experienced working with learners that have a variety of needs, and I am always happy to discuss accommodations beforehand. This set of workshops is designed for learners between the ages of approximately 8 and 13 (approximately because hard and fast rules don’t apply to developmental stages).

Since I am at the beginning of launching this learning project, I am running a few workshops independent of an ongoing series in order to refine my materials and receive some feedback, and I would love to have your homeschooling learner join us. I am offering these workshop experiences at a reduced rate $12 per learner per session, or $30 to attend all 3. I have been working alongside homeschooling mom Hilary, to offer these workshop trials from her home, located close to the Chicopee Ski Area in Kitchener.

A note on allergies and food preferences. I am very skilled and experienced in working with and preparing food free of the big allergens (including gluten and nuts) as well as vegan and vegetarian food. Please let me know beforehand if any of your learners have food allergies, sensitivities, or sensory challenges that I need to be aware of.

As a certified B.C and Ontario teacher, I am required to maintain a vulnerable sector criminal records check which you are able to see by searching my name (Marla Renn) on the BC and Ontario Federation of Teachers websites.  An accredited teacher in good standing is one who maintains a vulnerable sector criminal records check.

For more information, please feel free to email me at Marla@WeAreMeantToEatTogether.com

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