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…offers workshops to children and youth that use culinary experiences as an entrance point to learn, build skills, and have opportunities that support their whole person development. Kitchen work isn’t just about building life skills, it is also an opportunity to play with numeracy concepts, explore science, expand language skills, exercise critical thinking, connect to the land, and so much more.

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Marla’s democratic approach encourages cultural diversity, teamwork, inclusion, critical thinking and lots of experiential opportunities.  

-Lily, mom of Marley 11.




Maiya really enjoyed your classes.  Your approach with the girls was wonderful.  You were frequently asking for their ideas, input.  I know that Maiya felt part of something really special.  I appreciated your handouts with learning goals, info. regarding what had been made, and other recipe ideas.

-Sarah, mom of Maiya 10



Upcoming 2018 Workshops

Workshops are hosted Tuesdays

10am – 1pm


5pm – 8pm

Our January, February, March 2018 schedule will be released very soon! Please email us or follow the blog to get the updates as soon as they are released!


Soup-er Stars Parent-Child Community Cooking Group

Next event:

  • Tuesday January 23rd, 10am – 1:30pm

Are you interested in supporting your young person to be part of meaningful kitchen work? Would you like to have ready to use, healthy, made from scratch soups and other meals available? Would you like your little person or youth to have positive learning experiences that actually ease the workload of supporting a busy family? Welcome to the Soup-er Stars! A parent-child-community cooking group.

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