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Cooking classes and Pop Up Kids Cafe is what you will see us do. But look a little closer and you will also see that our workshops support whole child development, they are opportunities to learn and exercise important life skills, higher order thinking skills, collaborative abilities, and intellectual skills. Inspired by the magical results of being together in the kitchen and together around the dinner table, We Are Meant To Eat Together creates collaborative cooking and shared eating experiences, that also happen to be rich learning experiences. 

Led by a skilled professional educator who is rooted self-directed, non-coercive, and experience based education models, and has a major passion for making healthy food. We Are Meant Together offers cooking classes and Pop-Up Kids Cafe opportunities for diverse groups of youth, children, and toddlers. We are committed to using only whole ingredients, and we are able to accommodate the most common allergies and food sensitivities.



Marla’s democratic approach encourages cultural diversity, teamwork, inclusion, critical thinking and lots of experiential opportunities.  

-Lily, mom of Marley 11.





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